Life: The Untold Story of Charles Adrian Pillars

Price: $49.95


Focusing on the life of Charles Adrian Pillars – the sculptor of Life, the massive sculpture in Riverside-based Memorial Park – this 432-page book contains over 200 photographs and drawings spanning nearly a century from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. This is an unusual story told in a somewhat unconventional way. Life, the sculpture in Memorial Park’s fountain, is the centerpiece of this book, but the remarkable life of Charles Adrian Pillars is reason for reading it, according to the author, Dr. Wayne Wood. 

This historical nonfiction draws readers into parallel events that shaped two cities. The stories of the Chicago Fire of 1871 and Jacksonville’s Great Fire of 1901 are told in wonderful historical detail, interwoven with Pillars’ life story and that of his family, friends, foes and those who were influential in his troubled life, personal and professional.

Richly printed and bound, LIFE is the perfect gift for lovers of art, architecture, and history, as well as a captivating tale of historical nonfiction that “rivals the most compelling works of fiction,” according to the author. 

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